Lutheran Lecture Series — Marcus, Iowa

catechismThe Lutheran Lecture Series will be holding its 4th annual meeting on Saturday, April 25th in Marcus Iowa. The topic is

Reason For Hope: The Lutheran’s Defense in the Battle for Our Minds, Bodies, and Souls.

Scheduled presenters and topics are:

  • Dr. John Nordling, The Paideia of the LORD: Teaching the Person not just the Mind
  • Rev. Sean Smallwood, The Triangular Shape of Lutheran Catechesis: Scripture, Catechism, and Hymnal
  • Rev. Joel Brondos, Back to the Source: A Truly Lutheran Education is a Classical Education
  • Rev. Scot Kinnaman, Lutherans at Prayer: Robust Theological Study Begets A Robust Life of Prayer.

Each 45-50 minute presentation will be followed by a time for Q&A. The presenters will also be available for informal questions and conversation.

I look forward to meeting the pastors and laypeople who are in the area and can attend!