On the Radio – Talking About Lutheranism 101

I am never impressed hearing myself during these opportunities… evidently my favorite word in talking about Lutheranism 101 is “ah.” I don’t realize, as I am trying to speak, that I do this–evidently it is my thinking word. Good golly, I hate listening to interviews where an otherwise interesting topic is punctuated by frequent “ahs.” Those of you who do interviews and public presentations, how do you break this unconscious habit, what do you do to give yourself room to think as you’re responding to a question?

Click on the microphone to hear the interview. Studio A with Rolland Lettner on KFUO.

on KFUO AM 4.9.09

A free form discussion based around the day’s devotion from Treasury of Daily Prayer on KFUO AM’s Afternoon Show with Rolland and Joni.

TDP on KFUO 4.9.2009

Occasionally Rolland throws out a question that stumps me. I have come to understand that Rolland loves words and the etymology of words. Here is the dictionary answer to Rolland’s question about the word “antiphon.” One of these days I will become more comfortable saying “I don’t know” on the air. Maybe.

antiphon |ˈantəˌfän|
(in traditional western Christian liturgy) a short sentence sung or recited before or after a psalm or canticle.
• a musical setting of such a sentence or sentences.
ORIGIN late Middle English : via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek antiphōna ‘harmonies,’ neuter plural of antiphōnos ‘responsive,’ from anti ‘in return’ + phōnē ‘sound.’