WHITE PAPER #5: Concordia’s Treasury of Daily Prayer: Purpose and Source of the Writings

The primary aim of the devotional writings in the Treasury of Daily Prayer is to serve those who pray the Treasury with solid devotional material. Our selection of writings for the Treasury reflects the faith and confession of the Lutheran Church, and consequently, features a selection of writings from the church fathers. The selection of writings in The Treasury demonstrate the Lutheran Church’s catholicity, and, where it was not fully known, to introduce our readers to their heritage as Lutheran Christians. What Lutherans believe has always been taught, if not always purely or fully, in the Church. Thus The Treasury provides representation to every era Of the Church. We are not, of course, in full agreement with everything every writer we used ever wrote. We could not even say that of Martin Luther. But we are united to all our writers in faith and think they all have something to say to us. There are sure to be a few surprises even for the most well read among us. We do hope that some readers will be encouraged to deeper reading and for that reason (as well as legal obligations) we have provided full bibliographic information in the acknowledgments section of the Treasury. Continue reading