Ecclesiastical Glossary

This project will be completed over time. You can participate by revising, refining, or correcting these entries using the page comment function. if you think I have left something out, please, suggest it.

Each page contains all the entries for a single letter of the alphabet. Use the page controls at the bottom of each page to navigate: 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, etc.


fair linen A long, fine linen cloth placed over the altar and draping nearly to the floor; usually has five crosses representing the wounds of Jesus, symbolic of Christ’s burial cloth.

faith God’s gift of belief in Christ for the forgiveness of sins, life, salvation, and all that we need; trust.

fasting Fasting (not eating) was an outward sign of true humility and repentance. It meant focusing your heart on God and expressing deep sorrow for your sins

fear of the Lord To fear God is to revere or honor the Lord for who He is and for what He has done, is doing, and will do for us.

Feasts and Festivals A holy day of religious celebration. In the scope of the Church Year, feasts and festivals mark important events and commemorations, such as events in Jesus’ life [festivals]  (The Circumcision and Name of Jesus), a celebration of notable people [festivals] (St. Timothy—January 24, St. Luke—October 18) and great events in the life of the Church [observances] (Reformation, Holy Cross Day).

fellowship Doing something together; joining with other Christians to hear God’s Word and receive His Sacrament.

font The basin, usually on a pedestal, used to hold water for Baptism.

forgive To excuse for a fault, offense, or sin.

forgiveness God, for Christ’s sake, no longer holds my sins against me.

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