Ecclesiastical Glossary

This project will be completed over time. You can participate by revising, refining, or correcting these entries using the page comment function. if you think I have left something out, please, suggest it.

Each page contains all the entries for a single letter of the alphabet. Use the page controls at the bottom of each page to navigate: 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, etc.


Keys of the Kingdom See Office of the Keys.

Kyrie Greek ‘Lord’. One of the oldest prayers of the Church, it asks that God would have mercy upon us for Jesus’ sake in all our needs of body and soul. Luke 18:38–39.

Kyrie eleison Greek ‘Lord, have mercy’. A three-fold supplication for grace, the Kyrie is the first prayer of the congregation in the Divine Service; it is a cry for mercy that our Lord and King hear us and help us in our needs and troubles.

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