Lenten Catechesis—Tuesday of Lent 3

reflections on Christ - crucifixion

The Lord’s Prayer – The Second Petition

Thy kingdom come.

God’s Kingdom… [is] nothing other than we learned in the Creed: God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, into the world to redeem and deliver us from the devil’s power [1 John 3:8]. He sent Him to bring us to Himself and to govern us as a King of righteousness, life, and salvation against sin, death, and an evil conscience. For this reason He has also given His Holy Spirit, who is to bring these things home to us by His holy Word and to illumine and strengthen us in the faith by His power.

We pray here in the first place that this may happen with us. We pray that His name may be so praised through God’s holy Word and a Christian life that we who have accepted it may abide and daily grow in it, and that it may gain approval and acceptance among other people. We pray that it may go forth with power throughout the world [2 Thessalonians 3:1]. We pray that many may find entrance into the kingdom of grace [John 3:5], be made partakers of redemption [Colossians 1:12-14], and be led to it by the Holy Spirit [Romans 8:14], so that we may all together remain forever in the one kingdom now begun.
—Large Catechism, Part 3:51-2

[In this petition,] we pray for an eternal inestimable treasure and everything God Himself possesses. This is far too great for any human heart to think about desiring, if God had not Himself commanded us to pray for the same. But because He is God, He also claims the honor of giving much more and more abundantly than anyone can understand [Ephesians 3:20]. He is like an eternal, unfailing fountain. The more it pours forth and overflows, the more it continues to give. God desires nothing more seriously from us than that we ask Him for much and great things.
—Large Catechism, Part 3:55-6

Lenten Catechesis from Treasury of Daily Prayer © 2008 Concordia Publishing House.

Used with permission.
All rights reserved. www.cph.org

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