Holy Cross Day, September 14

Notes and resources for Holy Cross Day, September 14.

Holy Cross Day

Ember Days–Holy Cross Day

What are Ember Days?

How Lutherans Worship – 2 Making the Sign of the Cross

Other resources:

The Text This Week–Holy Cross Day

Background from Wikipedia

From satucket.com lectionary resources by James Kiefer

Clip art from Resources for Catholic Educators

2 thoughts on “Holy Cross Day, September 14

    • Yes, you are correct that there are some understandable variations in this practice among those who care about Ember Days. The days of the week for embertides don't change but the holy/saint days to which they are linked certainly do. Some will, for some consistency-sake, say, "always the week after." I side with those who don't delay and simply say the tide follows as closely as possible after the day.

      Thanks for reading.


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