PrayNow — Treasury of Daily Prayer content for your iPhone

PrayNow, the application that brings Treasury of Daily Prayer content to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, is now available from the iTunes App Store.

Check it out here.

iTunes App Store Description:

PrayNow is the daily prayer app that places the Scriptures at the center of daily meditation and prayer.

“Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Daily prayer should be central to what we do as a Christians. Yet it is so easy for the pressures and stresses of daily life to crowd out the time for meaningful prayer.

PrayNow is designed to meet the needs of the Christian who wishes to follow a disciplined order of daily prayer centered in the Scriptures and to use the rich resources of the church’s ancient daily orders of prayers with writings from the Church Fathers.

PrayNow provides you with the following:

• Complete texts for each day:

o A reading from the Psalms

o An Old Testament reading

o A New Testament reading

o A selection from a writing by a church father

o A hymn stanza

o A prayer for the day

• Complete orders for daily prayer:

o Matins

o Vespers

o Compline

• Features the feasts, festivals, and commemorations of the Christian Church Year

• The full text of the Psalms is available with, or without, chant notation

• A full collection of prayers for the days of the week and for various aspects of your life in Christ

Technical Features

o Full texts for every day appear automatically according to the calendar

o Dynamic calendar allows you to display text for any day

o Choose between five different fonts

o Fully scalable font size

o Night reading mode

o Bookmarking capabilities

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