Music for Treasury of Daily Prayer now available

We’ve been looking forward to it for awhile, and now it is available on CD: Evening and Morning: The Music of Lutheran Daily Prayer.

This beautifully sung and recorded CD by the Kantorei of Concordia Theological Seminary includes:

Evening & Morning from CPH

* Matins (Tracks 01–08)
* Vespers (Tracks 09–14)
* Morning Prayer (Tracks 15–21)
* Evening Prayer (Tracks 22–29)
* Compline (Tracks 30–38)
* Litany (Track 39)

Evening and Morning: Music of Lutheran Daily Prayer is a wonderful complementary product for user of Treasury of Daily Prayer.

Matins te Deum (sample audio)

One thought on “Music for Treasury of Daily Prayer now available

  1. I just got my own copy tonight. Sounds great. I do have one small complaint (this is probably just my design geek coming out): It would have been more helpful if the track list would have said (tracks 1-8) rather than (8 tracks). When using the CD, I will want to know which track each service starts on and not how many tracks each service consists of. It's a small detail that would have been a great help. The CDDB does not yet have track names for me to import them into iTunes either. Would you mind either submitting them or posting the track names here?

    I really look forward to using the CD, there has always been something intensely peaceful in the music of these liturgies. Thanks to CPH for a great CD!

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