How do I know?

Making Decisions and the Freedom of the Gospel

You have heard it as well as I have. An answer is needed, a change is desired, a need has been “laid on your heart.” How do you determine whether it is the right thing to do, how do you determine if it is God’s will? Do you go to horoscopes? Do you wait for God to speak through random Bible verses? Do you pray that God would give you an answer, a sign?

how-do-i-knowThe quest to discern God’s will for an individual’s life is putting oneself back under the Law, and not living in the freedom of the Gospel. It is God’s will that we believe in Jesus Christ. It is God’s will to accomplish all that is necessary for this to occur. Trusting in Him who obeyed God’s Law perfectly in our place and paid for our waywardness on the cross is what your faith does. So, by grace through faith we are considered to be in obedience and therefore living in accordance to God’s will. That is how God sees the believer.

When one’s Christian freedom is applied to choosing a vocation, determining the level of giving to the church, or making some other decision (should I buy a house, marry this person, change jobs, etc.), the Christian has no worries since whatever decision he/she makes will be in accordance with God’s will (assuming the activity is in accordance with the Ten Commandments). In other words, in freedom, the Christian, making life-changing decisions or even day-to-day decisions, does not have to worry that they will be choosing a path which God has not chosen for them. They can evaluate and assess the options with their God-given abilities and step forward in faith.

huhThis is the beautiful Gospel answer to all WWJD (“What Would Jesus Do?”)-type questions. There is no “sign” or earthly “wisdom” which will be a sure-fire guarantee that the Christian is doing God’s will. As I tell my confirmands and speak in Bible class, “Go and be what you are, and when a door opens for you, consider the possibilities.”

Actually, such an attitude toward life is truly not only freeing, but often brings much more joy. Instead of worry, we are free to pursue things that bring pleasure as long as they are not contrary to God’s command. Instead of “having” to go to church, we “get” to go. Instead of “having” to submit to husband or “having” to love the wife with the kind of love only God has, we “get” to enjoy companionship, friendship, mutual support, and God willing, such extras as passionate sex and wonderful children–all under his blessing. Instead of “having” to get up and go to work we are allowed to serve God by maximizing our talents in a certain field or endeavor–and we get “paid” for doing it too!

Notice how our loving God has provided such excellent means of keeping his holy Commandments too: We “get” to keep the first table (Commandments 1-3) when we find the church unlocked and the saints gathered in the pews. We “get” to love our neighbor as our self in the context of Christian marriage and family and on the job. Our labor and work not only benefit us, but our employment is part of His plan to provide daily bread to others. When we busy ourselves in the “mundane,” we are busy in the work of the kingdom.

Originally posted on Blog My Soul ( on October 24, 2004

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