Treasury of Daily Prayer: A “father’s” pacing

This is the closest thing to fatherhood that I have experienced since the impending birth of my own children 29 years ago. We received samples of printed pages of Treasury of Daily Prayer from the printer. All the press marks are still on the edges and they certainly aren’t bound.

This is like getting the sonogram — you can tell it is “a boy” and that all the fingers and toes are accounted for. We can put together a visualization of the final result, but there are still several weeks before the delivery date. 
Check out today’s sonogram in the photo.
What do you think, Rick?

2 thoughts on “Treasury of Daily Prayer: A “father’s” pacing

  1. Looking good, Scot. To say that I am waiting with “bated breath” would be the understatement of the decade, at least. Y’all have got to stop teasing us with roll this baby out.Seriously, it’s looking better and better with each “sneak preview.” There’s hardly a day that goes by when I don’t thank God for bringing this idea to fruition.

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