Lutherans Sought for Survey – Update and Invitation

In September i was pleased to be able to share with you an invitation to be part of the first major study of Lutherans since 1972. Today, the directors of this study sent an update and invitation. They are inviting that this notice be sent to as many Lutherans as possible. The larger the pool of participants, the more reliable the results. The original post can be found here.

Dear Fellow Lutherans

In the two weeks since we launched our survey of Lutheran laity we have received over 1,100 responses. To the many of you who took the survey, thank you! And if you have not taken the online survey, there is still time. Please take it at your earliest convenience.

We do have one other request of you: Since this survey’s reliability depends on a large number of Lutherans participating, we would like to ask you to forward this e-mail to friends, family and acquaintances who are also Lutheran (either ELCA, LCMS or WELS). If they are willing to participate, have them send an e-mail requesting an online survey invitation to lutheransurvey AT cuw DOTedu by October 31st.

Thank you again!

James Burkee, Ph.D.
Jeff Walz, Ph.D.

Lutheran Survey
Concordia University Wisconsin

to contact Drs Burkee and Walz, make the necessary corrections to this e-mail addy: lutheransurvey AT cuw DOT edu

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