Lutherans Sought for Survey

I received this after having participated in the first part of the survey. Dr Burkee was appreciative of the idea of opening up to the widest possible Lutheran audience using this and other blogs to get the word out — he called it an innovative idea.

Link to this post or cut-and-paste into your own forum. Let’s give the guys at Concordia University Wisconsin a hand. I think we can blow the doors off of their 3,000 lay participant goal. Let’s demonstrate that in deed, the Lutheran blogosphere is an innovative place.

Dear Fellow Lutherans,

We need your help.

In 1972 the last major study of Lutherans was completed. Merton Strommen’s Study of Generations surveyed 5,000 Lutheran pastors and lay members on religious, political and social attitudes.

Last year, with generous grants from The Luther Institute and Concordia University Wisconsin, we launched an ambitious project to again survey thousands of Lutherans – in part, to see how much those attitudes have changed since 1972. We have already surveyed 2,000 pastors and have now launched the study second phase – a survey of 3,000 lay members.

For this, we need your help. The web-based survey of lay members takes about 25 minutes to complete and can be taken from your home computer.

Simply send an e-mail to LutheranSurveyATcuwDOTedu. We will save your e-mail address and, within a few weeks, send you an e-mail invitation with a link to the survey.

Your e-mail address will be kept confidential and used ONLY for the survey. And no connection will be made between your e-mail address and the responses you give.

Please consider participating in this important study. Just a few minutes of your time will be of great service to your church and to the church at large. Thank you!

James Burkee, Ph.D.
Jeff Walz, Ph.D.
Concordia University Wisconsin

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