Random Day in St. Louis

I left the house this morning with no real objective. To take a Star Trek novel and my camera was as much planning as I did. A friend I had invited, too late if truth be told, slept in, and so I was on my own.

It was a wonderful fall day. After hemming and hawing with temperatures soaring up one side of the thermometer and down the other for several weeks, Fall has finally figured out how to behave. The ash trees around the Jefferson Expansion Memorial grounds are turning red, and a few already-fallen leaves crunch under my feet as I walk the grounds.

At the nearby Basilica of St. Louis the King preparations where underway for a wedding. It was crisp clear morning. The air was almost tangy with the essence of Fall. The surroundings were spectacular, the setting of The Old Cathedral and the Arch grounds nearby conspire together to make a wonderful backdrop for a wedding.

After a short walk down Market Steet to Broadway, I could not help but walk around the site which simutaneously marks the end of old Busch Stadium and the beginning of the new Busch Stadium. Large holes have been bashed out of the side of the old stadium to allow fork lifts easy acess. A look in one of these ragged portals shows stack upon stack of stadium seats ready to be loaded on semi-trailers. These seats are being sold all over the Net, and promotionally given away or auctioned. There will be Busch stadium seats far and wide I am sure.

In a few short weeks the wrecking ball will assist the old stadium to fall down, but not before everything that can be sold or collected (or both) is removed. Here are a few pictures.

Where old Busch stadim stands will be a new baseball park village. This is to be mixed use development with retail, tourist, and restaurant venues.

One interesting shot is taken looking south down Broadway; you see both the old and the new stadiums still standing side-by-side.

At the end of the day, with a good part of my Star Trek novel read, I was taken by the image of the courhouse and Arch. I have not yet been in St. Louis long enough to take the Arch for granted (does that ever happen?). It still catches my breath when I turn a corner and see it. This was a parting shot for the afternoon.

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