Important New Book:Worship, Gottesdienst, Cultus Dei

What the Lutheran Confessions Say About Worship

It is not my job to hawk books… but you gotta know about this one!

Worship, Gottesdienst, Cultus Dei
by Dr. James L. Brauer
Professor, Concordia Seminary, LCMS, Saint Louis, Missouri

This examination of the texts of the Lutheran Confessions gathers together those references pertinent to the contemporary discussion of worship in the Lutheran church. This book also includes a brief overview of the historical worship traditions of the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Reformed, Anabaptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, and other denominational groups.

Worship, Gottesdienst, Cultus Dei is written in catechetical form—a book of questions and answers. As readers interact with the primary sources, they will see the early emphasis placed on the Divine Service and its continuing importance, especially to the Lutheran church.

A reference tool for clergy, students, and others involved in ministry planning.

Order from Concordia Publishing House
Toll free: 1-800-325-3040
Regular Price: $29.99

Item Number: 53-1126
ISBN: 0758605935

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