American Girl selects Girls Inc. as a charity

For many years I have been able to avoid the whole American Girl phenomena, now as a grandfather with two young granddaughters, my wife and I have been contemplating jumping in with American Girl dolls for each for Christmas.

The AG line has always seemed to promote a wholesome product, and I gather that there has been much support for it from evangelical and conservative Christians for just that reason. There wholesome image was furthered by the donation of $3million worth of products to Katrina victims

But now I am questioning whether any American Girl purchases will be made for my granddaughters. A friend has alerted me that American Girl is currently promoting an organization called Girls Inc.

A look at the Girls Inc. one sees advocacy on behalf of free access to contraceptives, support for abortion (reproductive freedom and pro right to choose) , and freedom of sexuality and sexual orientation. Here are some representative excerpts from the Girls Inc website:
>>Advocacy Statements<<
>>Girls have the right to be themselves and resist gender-stereotypes.<<

>>Working with girls and young women, we also endeavor to eliminate sexism, racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination.<<
>>Girls have the right to accept and appreciate their bodies.<<

>>To make responsible decisions about sexuality, pregnancy and parenthood, girls need and have a right to sensitive, truthful sexuality education; convenient access to safe, effective methods of contraception and protection from disease; and referral to comprehensive information, counseling, clinical and other services that support their responsible decisions. We recognize that any sizable group of girls includes those who face issues related to their sexual orientation or that of a family member and who face discrimination based on this sexual orientation. Girls have a right to positive, supportive environments and linkages to community resources for dealing with issues of sexual orientation.<<

>>We recognize the right of all women to choose whether, when, and under what circumstances to bear children. Reproductive freedom and responsibility are essential to other rights and opportunities, including pursuit of education, employment, financial security and a stable and fulfilling family life. Restrictions of reproductive choice are especially burdensome for young women and poor women. Girls Incorporated supports a woman’s freedom of choice, a constitutional right established by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 in Roe vs. Wade.<<

Sites are discussing and flaming the subject. A quick Google of “American Girl” will bring up the news. AmericanFamily Council and anti-abortion groups are proposing write-in campaings and boycotts.

Do you buy American Girl? Do you think this requires a response? If so, how will you respond? –

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