The propers for Sexagesima emphasize the warning against trusting in anything that we do. The spirit of self-seeking, or of self-trust, or of self-righteousness will taint our sacrifice and render it unacceptable, for the sacrifice of self must be offered to God and not to self. (Sermon and the Propers, II:27)

Lord, Jesus Christ, when the time had come for you to lay down your life for our sins, you went willingly to Jerusalem even though you knew deat awaited you there. As our sin-bearer you walked the way of suffering and sorrow. That you willingly paid the price of our transgressions fills us with great joy and gratitude. Through the Holy Spirit help us meditat with faith-filled hearts upon all you, as our Substitute, endured for our salvation even as we confess you as our perfect and precious Savior. Bring us to faithful and complete trust in this completed work that we rely upon you alone for our salvation. May our humble appreciation of your cross cause us to grow in faith toward you and in service and love toward our neighbor, and in willing obedience to your Word. Amen.