Embryonic Stem Cell Research Kills Babies

I am not a scientist, although I watch them on TV. I haven’t grown mold in a Petri dish, or looked at my blood under a microscope since the mandatory course in biology in college. So I cannot adequately explain the scientific arguments surrounding stem cell research. I understand in theory the potentiality of stem cells and what the proponents claim they can do. I also understand that adult stem cells can be harvested from everything from body fat to umbilical cord blood. And yet as marvelous as all this potentiallity sounds, I will be counted among those in Missouri who, on November 7, will vote against Constitutional Amendment 2 that would have Missouri promoting both human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.

The truth is you don’t have to be a scientist to understand the heart of why every Christian, every moral Missouri resident, should oppose Amendment 2. Amendment 2 would protect the creation of living embryos so that they can be killed for their stem cells. Killing an embryo is murder. Morally and ethically, what kind of society will we have when we no longer protect our most vulnerable members? What do we become when we are willing to protect those who in the name of preserving or enhancing life are willing to destroy life?

As a Christian I believe that life begins at conception. Whether the egg is fertilized by a pipette in a Petri dish or whether fertilization happens through sexual intercourse, life is created at that moment. Put aside the discussion of cloning, put aside the discussion of invitrofertilization or any of the other side issues that spin out of this discussion. The heart of the Amendment 2 is the killing of embryos for research–the killing of babies. And that breaks God’s command, and dishonors our Creator.

Lutherans for Life have numerous resources to help voters understand the complexity of the issue and work through the real life and death issue of the debate surrounding embryonic stem cell research and Missouri’s Amendment 2. Please check them out.

Timotheous mentions this link to a report on the current state of the issue in Missouri.

Nocloning.org, the web home of Missourians Against Human Cloning, has a number of resources and lays out the argument against the initiative of Amendment 2.