on KFUO AM 4.9.09

A free form discussion based around the day’s devotion from Treasury of Daily Prayer on KFUO AM’s Afternoon Show with Rolland and Joni.

TDP on KFUO 4.9.2009

Occasionally Rolland throws out a question that stumps me. I have come to understand that Rolland loves words and the etymology of words. Here is the dictionary answer to Rolland’s question about the word “antiphon.” One of these days I will become more comfortable saying “I don’t know” on the air. Maybe.

antiphon |ˈantəˌfän|
(in traditional western Christian liturgy) a short sentence sung or recited before or after a psalm or canticle.
• a musical setting of such a sentence or sentences.
ORIGIN late Middle English : via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek antiphōna ‘harmonies,’ neuter plural of antiphōnos ‘responsive,’ from anti ‘in return’ + phōnē ‘sound.’