Changed the Wallpaper and Moved the Furniture

Hanging wallpaper

It has been heard that the cheapest way to freshen a room is to change the wallpaper and move the furniture. While I love to use color, sometimes simplicity is what is called for. So that is the approach I’ve taken this time around. The new WordPress theme is Aggiornare by GeekDesignGirl. I really like the typography, it’s elegant and easy to read. The theme itself loads quickly, which is a big change over the previous theme. It also features tabbed pages and a left-hand sidebar that I much prefer.

Sit down and relax. I hope you enjoy the new digs as much as I do.

Photo credit: BeeVee39 on Flickr.

The Public Record We Make

This article crossed my RSS feed as I was reviewing an old blog conversation in preparation for an upcoming post on Lutheran identity. It is significant to think about and understand the public record we make when we blog, comment on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Whether or not you Twitter, if you are reading this, you are effected: this article will cause some sober reflection, I am sure.