Ecclesiastical Glossary

This project will be completed over time. You can participate by revising, refining, or correcting these entries using the page comment function. if you think I have left something out, please, suggest it.

Each page contains all the entries for a single letter of the alphabet. Use the page controls at the bottom of each page to navigate: 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, etc.


remission God’s forgiveness or pardon for our sins.

repent To turn; to be sorry for one’s sins and determined not to sin again;.

repentance A genuine sorrow toward God on account of sin and belief in Jesus as our Savior; God’s work that leads a person to renounce sin; the turning away from sin toward faith in Christ and His sacrifice for us.

Responsory Latin responsorium, ‘an answer’. A longer grouping of Scripture verses, connecting the Lessons of Matins and Vespers with the season of the Christian Church Year, and emphasizing the central thought.

ritual A set pattern of action; athe established form for a ceremony used in public worship.

Rite of Confirmation A ceremony of the Church in which a person, having been baptized, confirms his or her belief in the Christian faith.

Rogate, Latin ‘you ask’. The title of the Fifth Sunday after Easter, from the Gospel for the Day. Also known as Rogation Sunday.

rubrics. Latin  ruber, ‘red’. Instructions for the minister(s) and congregation concerning how to conduct a service; often printed in red in order to distinguish them from the text.

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