The authorBlog My Soul is the store front for the ruminations of this Lutheran cleric on liturgy and the Divine Service, Lutheran culture, sermons, devotional writing, tidbits from some of the projects I am working on. Above all else, Blog My Soul is a very personal endeavor, so ‘professional’ pieces will appear along side pictures of the grandchildren, commentary, and eclectic bits of life lived out as a child of God praying “Come, Lord Jesus.”

Author: I am a pastor in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. After serving parishes in southern Illinois and Michigan, I currently serve as senior editor and consumer product developer at Concordia Publishing House.

My writings & principle editorial works:

  • Author: Team Teaching Works, Teacher’s Interaction, vol 46, no. 2 Winter 2004
  • Author: Prayer Doesn’t Begin with Us, Teacher’s Interaction, vol 47, no. 4 Summer 2006
  • Author: Worshiping with Angles and Archangels: An Introduction to the Divine Service, Concordia Publishing House 2006
  • Contributing Editor: Blessings and Prayers for Women: A Devotional Companion, Concordia Publishing House 2004
  • Contributing Editor: Blessings and Prayers for Man: A Devotional Companion, Concordia Publishing House 2005
  • Contributing Editor: Blessings and Prayers for College Students: A Devotional Companion, Concordia Publishing House 2005
  • General Editor: Lutheran Book of Prayer, 5th Edition, Concordia Publishing House 2005
  • Co-Editor: Visitation: Resources for the Care of Souls (with Arthur A. Just Jr.), Concordia Publishing House 2008
  • General Editor: Treasury of Daily Prayer, Concordia Publishing House, 2008
  • General Editor: Lutheranism 101, Concordia Publishing House, 2010


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Blog My Soul is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. My name is Donna and I am a non denominational believer that God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son. You edited Portals of Pray for July 2013. Christ was crucified and resurrected during the observence of the unleavened bread. Why do Christians insist on recognizing the non Biblical pagan observance of “Easter”. Math 26:2,5,17,21. Mark 14:1,12, 16. Luke 22:1, 13, a5. John 13:1,4. Did Daniel conform to Nebuchadnezzar. Are we to conform to the world Romans 12:2. Are we to concede to the 4th Century Roman Empire and Constantine when he rearranged things????

  2. Hi, My name is Sally and I am a lapsed Lutheran -M.S. I have been a member of the Episcopal Church for 30 years. There are things going on in the ECUSA that are really starting to bother me. You may be familiar with some of them. I have a friend who is R.C. and has been working on me during this Year of Evangelization. However, I would like to re-discover my Lutheran roots. Would Lutheranism 101 be a good book for me. I’m sure I have forgotten most of what I learned in confirmation class. Other suggestions? Thanks.

    • Hi Sally. Yes Lutheranism 101 would be a great resource for reacquainting yourself with what Lutherans believe, teach, and confess. It is not polemical, by that I mean, it is not going to take strong positions against other Christians, it will just simply and positively teach the Lutheran theology in an understandable way. Enjoy!

      • BTW, Lutheranism 101 is available in ebook, Kindle, and print formats. While I like Kindle, I would recommend the print edition of the book. The little features simply work much better in print than in any of the digital editions.–ScotK

      • Thank you. I put Luther’s Small Catechism on my Kindle last night. I will get Lutheranism 101 in print form. Sally

  3. Lutheranism 101 arrived on Friday (thanks Amazon). I’m on Chapter 4 but I’ve peeked ahead. It looks like it’s just what I need. Also, I found a great traditional LCMS nearby. I looked at several churches online before I found what I wanted. What’s with the contemporary worship in so many MS churches? I probably shouldn’t say this but when I worship I want to feel like I’m in church, not a pop concert. Many churches seemed to have moved the traditional worship service (if they have one) to an early hour when fewer people can attend. I guess it’s all about making people feel “comfortable”. I wonder if it really gets more people in the door and keeps them in the pews. Thanks, Sally

  4. There does not seem to be another way to ask this: I would like to use your graphic of lent with all the meanings on our newsletter cover. We are an Anglican parish in Canada and print 120 copies of our newsletter which is also on the web at our site http://www.holytrinityns.org
    Attribution will be given to you in a form you wish.
    Peter Marshall, newsletter editor & office administrator
    Holy Trinity Anglican Church, North Saanich, BC Canada

  5. Hello Scott, I am looking for a resource for following the Lutheran version of the daily RCL that has the scripture passages printed out. Hopefully it would be of similar format as your TDP. Do you happen to know of any such volume? Thanks, Duane

  6. Hello Pastor Kinnaman. I use the Treasury of Daily Prayer and have a question about some of the suggested readings. For ex., today’s (Nov. 18) suggests the Apology of the Augsburg C., XXVII (XIII) 40-46. What does the 2nd roman numeral in brackets refer to? Thanks.

    • TDP ‘prefers’ the edition of the Confessions in “Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions” published by Concordia Publishing House. In the this edition there is a difference in numbering the articles of the Apology. The bracket number will lead you to the same article in an edition that is different than “Concordia”.

  7. Scot, thank you for your writings. We became Lutherans, (LCMS), for the first time last week. The more that I continue and learn, the more that God continues to affirm that we’re right where He wants us. I grew up Eastern Orthodox, (Armenian and Antiochian). Then we were non-denominational for the past 17 years. (In reality, the local church was Church of Christ light).

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