How Lutherans Worship – 5: On Liturgy …. Some different perspectives

While we are on the subject of liturgy and worship, I am providing links to some interesting posts from different perspectives.

Love & Blunder has this article on Liturgy and Catechesis in her archive. The power of the liturgy. It is worth a read.

I don’t know any thing about Alden Swan and his blog apart from this post in his archive. His post, λειτουργία: On Liturgies and Other Public Works, hints that he is a former Lutheran who has taken a good dose of Lutheran understanding about the liturgy and worship to whichever communion he now attends.

I am a little envious that he can make Greek show up in his post however. I barely command enough HTML to make accurate tags for links to work. Oh well.

Then this from the archives of the Internet Monk. This post from his Liturgical Gangstas series features a discussion on the value of the liturgy and Evangelical difficulties with the liturgy.

Any posts you would recommend for our reading?

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